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SED offers those who choose not to drink an invitation to participate fully in social gatherings around food. With SED’s carefully crafted nonalcoholic botanical cocktails, non-drinkers can enjoy pairing complementary beverages with delicious meals in a way that has too long been the sole provenance of wine and liquor.

The Scope


Packaging Design

Environmental Design


Consumer Research

  • Ages 20–35

  • Disposable income for little luxuries

  • Gourmands and foodies who appreciate novel flavors

  • Health conscious

  • Drink little to no alcohol

  • Love hosting gatherings of friends and loved ones

  • Value and cultivate strong relationships

  • Fear being left out of the fun when social occasions often revolve around drinking

  • Miss the elevated experience and complex flavors of pairing wine or alcoholic cocktails with food

Logo Design

New definitions of luxury

Unique, sustainable and “optimized” products are replacing the older models of luxury now seen as ostentatious

Source: GEMIC The Rise of New Luxury Report

Rise of RTD

Pre-made bottled and canned cocktails in interesting new flavors are on the rise


Rise of zero alcohol drinks

Health-conscious Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly limiting their alcohol intake, disliking it’s negative physical effects. This has led to a surge in mocktails and alcohol-free drinks

Source: WGSN Millennial Drinking

Trends and market research

An invitation to gather

“Alcohol free drinks are great, but I wish there were something special available to bring to dinner parties, something that enhances meals like wine does.”
No-alcohol cocktails

Three distinct flavor varieties that pair with different meals

Special edition

A special edition flavor and gift set, beautifully packaged

Tasting event

To promote the brand and educate consumers about how to pair food with its products