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Chaste Elephant

Chaste Elephant is a vegan food truck, but viewed through a lens of pastel pink and fun. The wellness space is saturated with minimalism and serenity, leaving excitement up for grabs. Chaste Elephant aims to position itself as the fun vegan food truck that doesn't take itself too seriously.

The Scope


Packaging Design

3D Modeling

Consumer Research

  • Ages 21–35

  • Urban dwellers

  • Aware of the impact of colonization and other societal ills

  • Eager to learn about new flavors, ingredients, and preparations

  • Seek out brands whose values align with their own

  • Politically active on social media

Logo Design

Increased demand for novel flavors

Consumers have a thirst for exciting, new-to-them ingredients.

Source: WGSN Proof of Growth: new spirit opportunities


Narrow, Eurocentric values are drawing increasing fire in favor of an embrace of diverse and historically marginalized cultures.

Source: WGSN Future Innovations 2022

Rise of healthy drinking

Millenials are drinking less, but paying more attention to what they drink, seeking out lower alcohol and all-natural options. 

Source: WGSN Millenial Drinking

Trends and market research

Healthy fun

“I want to discover flavors from other cultures, but in a socially responsible way that honors heritage and supports local farmers and producers.”
Spiked Emoliente

A native peruvian drink brewed with medicianl herbs and spiked with pisco

Spiked Emoliente Cocktail Kit

A home kit to brew your own emoliente at home

Peruvian Toasted Corn

A classic peruvian bar snack

Structure Process and 3D Modeling

Packaging Design

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