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Ayuh Maine

Ayuh Maine built a community of proud Mainers to help bring sustainably grown produce to urban areas. The brand honors the state’s rich heritage while looking towards the future by leaving the smallest possible ecological footprint.

The Scope


Packaging Design

3D Modeling

UI/UX Design

Consumer Research

  • Ages 20–35

  • City dwellers who love nature

  • Proud Mainers who love their state, its community, and its history

  • Buy locally

  • Support sustainable alternatives

Logo Design

Produce transportation creates a big ecological footprint

The cost of widely available produce year-round is the high amounts of CO2 expelled by transportation

Rise of new biodegradable materials

Greener plastic alternatives are on the rise, such as seaweed-based bioplastic by the company Sway


Young consumers seek healthy options

Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly conscious about their nutritional choices, preferring organic and minimally processed alternatives

Source: WGSN Food & Drink Personas 2022

Trends and market research

Celebrate your roots

“I wish eating healthy didn't mean having to buy produce from miles and miles away, leaving a big carbon footprint”
Kale chips
Blueberry dressing
Tomato paste